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 eclairage bonton de lève vitre

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eclairage bonton de lève vitre Empty
MessageSujet: eclairage bonton de lève vitre   eclairage bonton de lève vitre EmptyMar 22 Avr 2008 - 19:26

je reviens sur ce projet aborder y a quelque temp j'ai trouver sa sur un forum us si quelqu'un y conprend quelque chose sa m'interesse
I have achieved illumination! It was rather easy once I figured out what I was doing. Thank you George for showing how to do this, it really helped me along the way. I did do a couple things different. It made the job easier and there are no permenant modifications, no drilling or soldering. I am going to show what I did in addition to what George did and together this should be an almost complete writeup.

First things first. I used wired LED's 12v 3mm. I ordered them from eBay in red. They came in a 10 pack for $10 shipped. Here is a link to a similar item... 07QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

you will also need a small flat head screw driver, a star tip driver (not sure the size, mine wasn't marked), and super glue.

1. To get to the window switch assembly remove the screw cover in the door handle to get to the screw.

2. Remove the screw. It is a star type screw, not sure of the size. The drill tip did not have a size on it.

3. Once the screw is removed, gently insert a small flat head screw driver in between the edge of the door insert where the switches are located and the main door cover.

4. Starting at the upper left corner, pry out gently popping the clips moving from the left to the right along the top and down the right hand side. Starting again at the upper left hand corner, being sliding down the left hand side popping the clips and continue along the bottom from left to right.

5. Gently pull the insert from the main door cover. Careful not to break any clips that may still be sttached. (there were times I thought the clips were all unclipped but they were stuck still. A little force may be necessary).

6. Once the insert is removed from the main part of the door, remove the foam tape covering the wiring harness. Remove the wire harness running to the window switch. Two Harnesses on the drivers door, one on each of the rear doors and passanger door. Simply squeeze the latch on the clip and oull out. It may take a little effort, two of mine were extremely tight.

7. Once the harnesses are removed, use a small flat head screw driver to unclip the window switch box from door insert. This can be a little tricky. It would be so much easier if we had 3 hands. The driver side has 6 clips holding it in, 3 on the outside and 3 on the inside of the insert. The other doors only have 4, 2 on the outside and 2 on the inside near the insert. While using the screwdriver to pry the clips apart, wiggle the box until you get it positioned where in won't clip back in, repeat on teh remaining clips. once they are all loosened, simply pull the box out of the holder.

8. Not that the holder is out, remove the top cover surrounding the switch by unclipping like in the previous step. Again their are 6 on the driver door switch box and 4 on the others. Once the clips are loosened, slide the cover off. The switch will remain in place.

9. Once the cover is removed, use the small flat head screwdriver to pop the switch off. This is done by gently prying from either the sides or the back. Once the switch is removed, you can see the clear switch underneath of the black top switch, this is where the light will shine through.

10. Now that the top cover and switch are removed, flip the box over and remove the white plastic cover fromthe bottom, by unclipping, just like with the switch cover.

11. Now that this is unclipped, the switch and green circuit board shold easily slide out.

12. With the Board in hand locate the positive and negative points illustrated in the photos taken by George.

This is where I hooked the lights up differntly than George.

14. Locating the + and - in the photos and flip the board over to where you are looking at the toggle switch. remember where the + and - are on the other side, cut the LED wire down to size, enough to hook up and and leave you with a little extra. I left them about 3". Once this is done, strip the ends of the wires. enought to fit through the board.

15. Now, gentle remove the toggle switch by prying up on the front and back of the switch with the small screwdriver. Be gentle.

16. Once the toggle is removed, insert the stripped area of the black wire into the - hole and the red wire into the + hole.

17. Once the wires are inserted, place the toggle switch back into in original position, ensureing the wires are place in tight and they are unable to pull away. Do not yank on them, gently pull to make sure they are set.

18. Place the tip of the led(bulb area, close to the clear part of the toggle switch, not touching. It should sit in the curved area of the base. Once it is in place secure it with a couple drops of super glue. do not get the glue anywhere but the plastic on the toggle switch base and the black taped area of the led. Make sure you do not get it on the metal area of the toggle switch.

19. Once the led is secure, place the board gently back in the holder, replace the white plastic piece on the bottom, the top part of the toggle switch, and then the top switch cover. Replace the black foam tape, reinsert the wire harness, clip the insert backl into the door, replace the screw and then the screw cover. Continue this on the other three doors.

*The driver door also has the power lock switch and window lock switch. To remove the power lock switch, simply pry the sides of the clip with the small flat head screw driver and pull up. To remove the window lock switch, pull up. On the board, there is also a small white clip on the drivers door window switch for the automatic window. Pry the side to remove.

That's it, no soldering or drilling. Now that the lights are in, wait for dark and enjoy. You may also want to check each windowas you are working on them to ensure that they are working properly before reassembly.

Any questions please feel free to ask...
voici l'adresse avec les photos du montage
si quellqu'un peut traduire je tente l'experience sur le mien
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MessageSujet: Re: eclairage bonton de lève vitre   eclairage bonton de lève vitre EmptyMar 22 Avr 2008 - 21:04

c'est le gros bordel ! mais mettre des petites leds dans nos boutons de leve vitres releve de la micro !! a vos loupes !!
je trouve bcp de boulot pour en definitif ,pas grand chose de plus ! Wink
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MessageSujet: Re: eclairage bonton de lève vitre   eclairage bonton de lève vitre EmptyMer 23 Avr 2008 - 17:49

ce n'ai pas tant de travail que sa il y a tout de prevue faut juste avoir les valeur des led et la valeur des resistances
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MessageSujet: Re: eclairage bonton de lève vitre   eclairage bonton de lève vitre Empty

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eclairage bonton de lève vitre

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